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Participate in private equity at any level

Now anyone can be a Venture Capitalist. Whether you have $100,000,000 or just $100, you can own stock in companies using VentureCoin™. We've tokenized traditional venture capital funding through the Ethereum blockchain network. As an owner of VCFUND™, you hold the rights to a percentage of the VentureCoin™ Fund, which is used to invest in promising startups in exchange for equity in the companies. As a VentureCoin™ token owner, you receive all the benefits of a Preferred Shareholder in the companies we invest in, including first in line rights to company assets and profit distributions.

Countdown to launch:
Cyber Monday 2021


VentureCoin™ is backed by real assets

VentureCoin™ is a utility coin that holds real value backed by the equity of the growth oriented companies it invests in. In other words, the value of VentureCoin™ isn't solely dependent upon more people buying in the coin. Instead its value is affected both by supply and demand, and the performance of the startup companies VentureCoin™ Fund invests in. Together, we can find the next unicorn.

Tokenomics for private equity use:

• Fair launch

• 100,000,000,000 VCFUND™️ supply

• 50% initially locked in the “Fund Wallet” for startup investments with TrustSwap

• 3% back to the "Fund Wallet" for future startup investments on all transactions

• 3% back to the liquidity pool on all transactions

• 1% towards VCFUND™️ project development on all transactions

• Investments in startups are locked and released slowly on a monthly schedule 

• Stake to vote and decide which companies VentureCoin™ invests in

• Own real equity in startup companies

• Quarterly distributions in USDT from startup profits to holders



Participate in our private equity community as an investor or entrepreneur

VCFUND™ holders own tokens that represent a percentage of the VentureCoin™ Fund. The fund then holds real equity in the companies that it invests in. Coin holders receive profits and distributions from companies that the fund owns that do well, and holders participate in voting to help make decisions as to which companies receive investments. Startup companies are encouraged to pitch VentureCoin™ Fund for the community to rally behind.

Analyzing Graphs

Vote on startup investments

VentureCoin™ is currently gathering applications and pitch decks from prospective startup technology companies looking for investment. Checkout our roadmap as to an expected timeline where coin holders will be able to vote on future fund investments. Buy VCFUND™ now so you can vote on the fund's very first investments.

Stocks on a Screen

Earn profits in USDT while holding

VentureCoin™ holders will receive distributions of profits in USDT through a quarterly airdrop when VentureCoin™ Fund portfolio companies perform well.

Image by Tamanna Rumee

Get discounts and perks from companies

As a VCFUND™ holder, you'll receive special offers and discounts from the companies that VentureCoin™ Fund invests in. As a thank you gesture from the companies VentureCoin™ Fund invests in, It's just one of the many benefits for being a VCFUND™ holder.

Image by Peter Gombos

Apply for funding
for your startup

VentureCoin™ Fund seeks to invest in technology startup based companies raising a seed or pre-seed capital round. Startups should have a well thought out concept and pitch deck, with completed market research, and an established team. Prototypes and pilots are encouraged but not required. VentureCoin™ Fund makes investments from $100,000 to $250,000 for a 25% equity stake in the company.

Image by Mark König


VentureCoin™ Fund will deploy its first capital funding round within 9 months.



  • Website launched

  • Coin audit completed

  • Launch of VCFUND™ on Uniswap

  • Applications open for tech startups



  • Startup listings go live on website

  • Voting begins for first round investments by VentureCoin™ holders

  • Legal paperwork prepared for fund investments



  • Initial companies selected for investment

  • Due diligence completed on prospective companies

  • Initial funding rounds made



  • Applications re-open for round 2

  • Startup listings updated on website

  • Voting begins for round 2 investments by VentureCoin™ holders



  • Round 2 companies selected for investment

  • Due diligence completed on prospective round 2 companies

  • Round 2 investments made

How to Buy

VCFUND™ is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum blockchain

1. Prepare your wallet

Load your wallet with ETH

You'll need a wallet that can hold ERC20 tokens, such as Metamask, loaded with some Ethereum (ETH) coin to get ready for your purchase of VCFUND™.

2. Purchase VCFUND™ on UniSwap


Load VCFUND™ on Uniswap by entering our contract address or by clicking the button below. Don't forget to add VCFUND to your wallet as a custom token after purchase to see your balance.

How to Buy

Common Questions

Where can I safely buy VCFUND™?

The only place to safely purchase VentureCoin™ is on Uniswap. Use the button on our website to avoid fraudulent contract IDs posing as VentureCoin™.

Do I own the companies VentureCoin™ Fund invests in?

Yes, but only through your ownership in VCFUND™. VentureCoin™ Fund holds 25% of the equity in preferred stock of the companies invested in. Your ownership percentage of the total portfolio is directly proportional to the amount of VentureCoin™ you own as a percentage of the supply. As an example, if you own 1% of all VentureCoin™, you would own 1% of the fund's portfolio.

Do I receive distributions of profits like a venture capitalist?

Profit distributions from companies that VentureCoin™ Fund owns are distributed back to the VCFUND™ holders through airdrops of USDT. Distributions will happen on a quarterly basis only if one of the portfolio companies turns a profit, or has a liquidity event that results in a capital gain for the fund.

Do I receive other benefits and discounts as a VCFUND™ owner?

Many of the companies VentureCoin Fund invests in will offer discounts and other perks for VentureCoin holders as a thank you for investing in their businesses. See each company within the portfolio for specifics on the added perks and benefits you get as a VentureCoin™ holder.

Still have questions? Most likely you'll find your answer in our litepaper.


Leadership Team

VentureCoin is a community driven project who's management team comes from the private equity sector.


Will Royall

Serial Entrepreneur, Consultant, Private Equity Investor

Will has founded multiple companies, raised millions in funding, and has participated in multiple mergers and acquisitions. He has had multiple successful exits on his own ventures and knows what it takes to launch startups and see them through success. His specialities include marketing, ecommerce, defi and software development.


David Johnson

Financial Risk Analysis Expert, Entrepreneur, Private Equity Investor

David has invested millions in the private equity space after building his own successful lending enterprise, software and data analytics companies in the fin tech space. David brings finance risk assessment knowledge and private equity investment skills to the project.

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